The New Fairytale Farm

We are loving our new Fairytale Farm! We sold both our properties last December and moved a mile away in Santa Cruz. Although it was hard to leave 30 fruit trees and 16 years of memories – and the home my children grew up in, the new property is so beautiful, and our wonderful neighbors are making us feel at home. Many of them have lived on this block for 30 to 50 years, and our house was built in 1883. We are slowly growing a garden back around us, and we feel like we live in a fairytale house.

The new garden is in the front yard, so we are slowly turning our lawn into garden beds. We grew the best tomatoes we’ve ever tasted this summer, as well as lettuces, marigolds, peppers, and beans. People walking by often stop me and compliment me on my garden. I tried to add a few flowers, but the marigolds and zinnias took over, so we have more flowers than vegetables this year.

This was our first vegetable bed; the kale patch. Here it is 6 months later:

Stay tuned for more to grow!