Spring has come to Fairytale Farm. The borage is  blooming.  The cherry tree is plump with  blossoms.  Flowers, everywhere.

Look how the strawberry spiral has changed from mid February to April :

The lupine is doing well. The giant red mustard and nasturtiums are doing better…


Last spring, we were blessed by a swarm of bees that moved into our empty hive. The sky was filled with bees, 1000’s of them covering the entire garden.  Over an hour, they slowly moved into the hive.  We all happened to be outside, the neighbors, the kids, in awe.

Meanwhile, the yellow and purple peas are ripe.  The purple ones are” Blauwschokker” soup peas, though I eat them when small and flat.

The yellow peas have a fruity, sweet flavor.  They are stunning when served together.   We eat the “flashy trout” lettuce everyday.

The blueberries are in blossom:

I cleared out a large part of the garden to install a pond in 2012.  Here it is before:

And after:



Sweet spring to all.  May your garden be filled with flowers too.