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2012 Happy New Year from Fairy-Tale Farm


2011 at Fairy-Tale Farm was hard.  In Spring, I had to take some time off of hosting events in order to tend to my health.  Here I contemplate what to plant next.

Spring Diva

Months later, the fava beans behind the rocking chair grow into 6 foot towers.  The triple compost system that Karsten built out of old wood pallets against the back fence slowly rots.  Sweet peas bloom on the left next to the chicken coop.  Giant red mustard continues to grow, and red lettuces snuggle in with baby carrots.

The migrating birds don't eat the red lettuces and they look pretty with the slowly growing carrots.

By early summer, sweet peas blossom on the left while red mustards bolt and shoot up yellow flowers in the background. Poppies line the path. The garden is glorious.

I grew some exotic poppies this year.    I call the red and white one “poppy from outerspace”.  The pink peony-like one was a volunteer.  Red pom-pom type from Annie’s Annuals.  Can’t wait to see what combo I get wildly this year.

I had so many sweet peas and fava beans I sold them at the Corralitos Farmer’s Market:

Fava beans and sweet pea flowers. The scent of the sweet peas is so delicious.

We also sold edible flowers. Nasturtium, borage, calendula, pansies, oxalis.

Then, I unfortunately ended up in the hospital with my sweet peas.

Trying to make the best of it at UCSF as I am here for 3 long weeks.

But in the summer I am free, and I spend hours sleeping on the porch as the garden slowly grows around me.

Fairy-Tale Farm is quiet with only the cat for company.

We get a farm dog named “Kia”.  The purple, yellow, and red potatoes are dug up.  Rainbow tomatoes are harvested. Pears.


The winter comes to a close and we harvest pumpkins and peas.  I slowly mend, and contemplate what to do for 2012.  Happy gardening, all. Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Sometimes you have to get out of the urban farm and visit cornfields up the coast for inspiration.


2010 Fairy-Tale Farm is In the News!

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel article found at:

Living a Fairy-Tale: Santa Cruz family ‘grows’ community at their downtown area farm

By Justine DaCosta
Posted: 09/18/2010 01:30:39 AM PDT
Saskia Wade will help set the tables at her family’s Harvest Festival. (Shmuel Thaler/Sentinel)

Nestled among multiplexes not far from downtown Santa Cruz is a garden where 10-foot-high sunflowers overlook the winding vines of pumpkins and the soft ferns of overgrown asparagus. A few chickens wander through the aisles full of tomatoes and tomatillos, part of the 50-by-50-foot garden, which is shaped like a star, a red, circular wooden platform positioned in the center.

“It’s a magical garden,” said owner Debora Wade, pointing to a giant sunflower whose head has begun splitting into two sections. “It grows weird things.” Continue reading

2009 Summertime Salon

summertime salon at Fairy-Tale Farm

Bucket Head 2

One year, Fairy-Tale Farm had a sheep and a goat! The goat needed to be milked, so children were invited to join in, and pet the sheep.

Of course, there are always chickens to cuddle… Madeline is the chicken whisperer. Seriously.

And crafts to behold!

We had an urban Farm Market. sunflowers and strawberries and lettuce

And sometimes, a Bluegrass Band! Page Brownton and Sidetrack !
Paul Clark, Page Brownton and Jessica Evans

We did figure drawing with a nude model sometimes, or other times, people just sketched the garden.

It was a beautiful time had by all.